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Christianne Young, LPC

Are You Feeling Trapped in a Painful Emotional Cycle?

In counseling, I want you to develop greater self-awareness and emotional regulation. You don’t have to be controlled by difficult feelings. Take the first step toward releasing your emotional baggage and contact me to receive more information on the services I offer. 

You can live empowered and have hope.

Contact me to learn more about the services and resources I can offer. I would love to help you find the tools you need to find peace in your situation.

Counseling Can Help Break Emotional Chains

As a licensed counselor, I have many tools and techniques that can help you identify harmful emotional patterns that can hold you back. Healing from any kind of traumatic or challenging experience- whether it be an injury, a sudden loss, or an unhealthy relationship- starts when you begin to acknowledge your situation and commit to changing it. Talking with a professional can help you come to terms with your circumstances.


At my counseling office, you can expect to have a caring and attentive experience. I believe you deserve the best client experience possible — I am committed to making sure that is exactly what you receive when you walk through the doors.

Whether you have something specific to discuss and unpack, or just want to talk about life in general, I would love to lend you my ear and offer my expertise.

Here in my office, I love what I do– but the best part of my job is being there for all of my amazing clients. I have the unique opportunity to help people work through difficult situations and help them begin an exciting new chapter in their lives. Choosing to take that step towards change, healing, and mental health by deciding to speak with a counselor is a powerful thing. I strive to make sure that each of my clients knows that they’re going to get the best care and attention when they visit my office. 

Counseling Services:

We can work together to equip you with the mental and emotional tools that can give you the confidence to walk through the difficulties of your life with peace.



Anger can often overflow into aspects of our lives that can create problems in our relationships and the way we handle certain situations. Anger is also often rooted in deeper emotions, such as shame, jealousy, or grief. Together, we can unpack your anger and find a healthy way to cope with those feelings.



Anxiety is a common emotion that can wreak havoc on your life when it becomes overpowering. It’s easy to feel like your anxiety is astronomical, but I can help you put it in perspective. It’s normal to have worries, but when your worries begin to overwhelm your everyday life, it is time to seek professional help.



The overwhelming sadness and numbness that depression brings with it can leave you in a haze. The hold that depression can have on a person can be a hard one to break, but by working together, I can help guide you through the fog to find true peace.



Loss can leave you in a whirlwind of emotions with nowhere to go. Feelings of love, anger, regret, and others can all contribute to the unique way your grief can affect you. Together, we can talk through and accept your situation.



Whether it’s a romantic partner, family, or friends, relationships impact our lives tremendously. I offer special individual counseling services to help you figure out how to best foster healthy connections with the people in your life.

Find Your New Narrative

Christianne Young, Counselor

Day & evening appointments  available.

Located Online and on Hwy 26 in Colleyville near Grapevine and Southlake. 

In-person, phone, & video counseling also available.

In-network with Cigna and Aetna.


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