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Counseling for Pre-Teens and Teens

I have experience working with pre-teens and adolescents struggling with behavioral problems, anxiety, sadness, low self-esteem, anger, and parental divorce. During counseling, adolescents and pre-teens get a unique opportunity to be heard and talk through their difficult thoughts and feelings. They will also learn important skills for common teen struggles such as social anxiety and academic pressure. As a counselor, I work with the teen's parents to help them create a healthier relationship.


Connecting with Your Child


I can help your child better manage the stress he or she is experiencing.  Teens often attempt to reduce stress by socially withdrawing from peers or family. This only increases their feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression. At other times, teens become angry and defiant, which is an often misunderstood outcry. These kinds of stress reactions from teens confuse, frustrate, and anger parents. Let me help your teen better understand their emotions and find healthy ways to communicate and manage their overwhelming negative feelings. 


Therapy Techniques for Pre-Teens


When working with pre-teens and teens I use traditional talk therapy, but I also use many experiential therapies such as art therapy techniques and card or board games as therapeutic tools. Youth often have a difficult time articulating their thoughts and experiences, so hands-on therapy techniques are helpful. 


If the parents of a child are divorced, I need a copy of the divorce decree for my files before counseling begins. 

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