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Deciding to Leave or Stay

Is this were you are in life? Many times people reach this kind of crossroads. Sometimes it is in a marriage where you feel you have tried to stop the constant fighting and arguing, but nothing is changing. You love your wife, but it is getting more difficult tell her, and you feel a growing distance between you.

Other times this kind of decision could involve a job. Maybe you have a great boss and coworkers, but there are many other aspect of the position that are stressful. Maybe you've been in a long relationship with a friend since childhood, and suddenly you are feeling cut out of her life. Perhaps this kind of decision involves a relationship with an adult child or a parent.

Many times the decision to walk away would be heartbreaking, but trying harder could lead to more disappointment and pain.

If you are struggling with this kind of decision, skilled, caring counseling can help. Contact me for a free consultation. ~ 817.993.1170 ~ ~

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