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Choosing to Give Up

Is there an area of your life in which you have given up? Maybe you've tried to form healthy relationship and have always ended out with the wrong people and been left brokenhearted. Perhaps you have tried to lose weight and always failed, so you've resigned yourself to, "This is how it is." Maybe you have tried to save money and stop digging yourself further into debt, but despite your best effort you see no changes in your finances.

So you have given up instead of trying again. You have said, "I will not be rejected again," so you reject other people first. You slap away the hand of friendship extended to you, you eat a box of cookies over an apple, and buy three new pairs of shoes instead of just one. After all, it seems the sacrifices of the past just left you empty handed, and you never met your desired goals. The unmet goals of the past are dictating the choices you are making today. You feel helpless and trapped. You feel this is just a burden you have to deal with. Some days are ok. Other days are not so good, and other days you may feel overwhelming depression and even toy with thoughts of suicide.

You have given up before you have started again. You don't have to live this way. Counseling can help. Let me help you choose differently. It's often hard to make these changes alone. You are not a failure, but you have some unmet goals, and on your own you're having a hard time achieving these. A counseling relationship can provide you guidance, self-exploration, emotional healing, accountability, and a teammate. Counseling should not last for years; it should be a phase of life to help you better manage your own behavior and process your emotions. Please call or email me to make an appointment. 817.993.1170 or

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