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Tele/Online Counseling

You may attend counseling in the comfort of your home. I work with long distance or homebound individuals across the state of Texas by counseling through an online secure, HIPAA compliant software by video or telephone. 


If you would like the convenience of counseling in your home, please contact me about counseling through a video or telephone session.


Tele/Online counseling must be paid for with a credit card prior to or at the beginning of the appointment. Tele/Online counseling is only available for Texas residents. 


To maintain confidentiality, all TeleCounseling clients must hold their sessions in a quiet room where others cannot hear or see the client or the counselor at any time during the session. 

Tele/Online counseling is offered at a rate of $90 per session. Monthly packages for a monthly fee of $400 for up to 5 sessions per month per person are also available for Tele/Online counseling.

Email​​ or call 817-993-1170 to make an appointment.

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